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Promotionale de calitate importate special pentru tine din Europa si Asia -->
Agende si calendare 2016 Agende din piele 2016 Cani de ceramica, de portelan si de metal ... Instrumente de scris: pixuri de plastic, pixuri de metal, seturi ... Produse din piele 2016



a) Contents: approx. 22g mint pills 12mm sugar free with individual imprint on one side b) Dimensions: 54 mm, height 22 mm c) Material: Metal slip lid tin available in steel with polycarbonate viewing window on lid d) Printing technique: Digital printing on viewing window max. printing surface 40 mm ; Digital printing on mint pill (1 side only) max. printing surface 10 mm e) Only edible inks are used for printing on the mint pills in compliance with the European Food Regulations f) Best before: 36 months if stored properly
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